Learn in 30 minutes! IRONCAD vol.3

~ 2D Draft Basic Operation Edition ~

Thank you for downloading the IRONCAD Trial Edition.

Let's learn the basic operation method of IRONCAD's 2D CAD function "CAXA Draft" through this video.

※The model to be used for projection is created in "3D Modeling"

Easy and fast equipment and jig design!

Mid-range 3D CAD for mechanical design "IRONCAD"

"IRONCAD" is a 3D CAD with outstanding operability.

Quick modeling is possible with original functions such as drag & drop from the "catalog" and the placement tool "TriBall" that does not use constraints.

Since parts and assemblies can be handled in the same way, it is suitable for concept design and can quickly give shape to your ideas.

It's easy and takes no time to learn.

In the mechanical design of devices and jigs, it is possible to speed up design and greatly reduce man-hours.

  • Feature-based direct modeling
  • Constraints are unnecessary for assembly work
  • Easy top-down design
  • Large-scale assembly is easy
  • High compatibility of data
  • Intermediate files can be edited
  • DWG-compatible 2D CAD installed
  • Extensive range of linked software and add-ins

Winner of ITreview Grid Award 11 consecutive times

Received the highest rank of "LEADER" for products that have both "recognition" and "customer satisfaction"

In ITreview Grid Award sponsored by ITcloud Co., Ltd., IRONCAD was selected as a 3D CAD (mechanical design) product with high market recognition and high customer satisfaction.It has been awarded the "LEADER" in its category.

LEADER = "Customer Satisfaction" + "Awareness"

A title given to products with extremely high levels of customer satisfaction and high market recognition among a wide range of products

HIGH PERFORMER = “Customer Satisfaction”

Awarded for products with very high customer satisfaction

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■ What is ITreview Grid Award?

The ITreview Grid Award is a place to recognize products that have been supported by users once a quarter based on reviews posted on ITreview.